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Footpath for All


levada crt Dificulty Level:Medium Distance:2.1 Km
levada rating
Start: Queimadas Finish: Pico das Pedras
Time(going): 0.45 hrs Time(back): 0.45 hrs
Highest point: 890 m Lowest point: 870 m
levada bus Nº: ? nearby walk: ?

The thematic “A way for all” offers persons with motor incapacity the possibility to enjoy direct contact with nature and in particular with pedestrianism. This Trail takes place along the esplanade of the levada of Caldeirão Verde between the Queimadas and Pico das Pedras Forestry Parks, in the municipality of Santana. Along the trail you can see a patch of forest transition between the natural forest of Madeira (Laurissilva Forest) and the exotic forest ( trees introduced by the man in this Island). The sound of water running into perrnanent, the smell of wet earth, humidity characteristic of the forest and the heat of the sun when the crosses, awaken all the senses, leading.the walker to contact with the natural deep. At the Queimadas Forestry Park there is a shelter ( Casa de Abrigo das Queimadas) which retains the original features of the typical houses of Santana, including a marvelous thatched roof.


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