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Pináculo e Folhadal Footpath


levada pr17 Dificulty Level:Medium Distance:14 Km
levada rating
Start: Lombo do Mouro Finish: Encumeada
Time(going): 6:30 hrs Time(back): 6:30 hrs
Highest point: 1620 m Lowest point: 1000 m
levada pdf Leaflet (Detailed Info PR17-Pináculo e Folhadal)
levada bus Nº: Unavailable nearby walk: Only by car

Beginning at the regional highway E.R. 110 on the way up to Paúl da Serra from Encumeada, this trail leads to the areas of Bica da Cana, Casa do Caramujo and Folhadal, coming to an end at regional highway E.R. 228 at the Encumeada junction.

ATTENTION: Tunnels en route, carry a torch; the path may be slippery, wear anti-slip footwear.


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