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Cedros Footpath


levada pr14 Dificulty Level:Medium Distance:5.8 Km
levada rating
Start: Fanal Finish: Curral Falso
Time(going): 3 hrs Time(back): 3 hrs
Highest point: 1130 m Lowest point: 840 m
levada pdf Leaflet (Detailed Info PR14-Cedros)
levada bus Nº: Unavailable nearby walk: Only by car

This trail begins at Regional Highway E.R. 209 next to the well-known area of Fanal on the Paúl da Serra plateau and follows the Cedros Levada until it reaches the parish of Ribeira da Janela. Take advantage of the magnificent area of Fanal, a small volcanic hollow classified as an Area of Rest and Quiet by the Madeira Nature Park, to enjoy a good dose of relaxation therapy. Here you will find marvellous groves of centuries-old Madeira laurel (Ocotea foetens), including some specimens that have resisted since times before the discovery of the island.

ATTENTION: Danger of vertigo.


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