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Fanal Footpath


levada pr13 Dificulty Level:Medium Distance:10.8 Km
levada rating
Start: Assobiadores Finish: Fanal
Time(going): 4 hrs Time(back): 4 hrs
Highest point: 1420 m Lowest point: 1130 m
levada pdf Leaflet (Detailed Info PR13-Fanal)
levada bus Nº: Unavailable nearby walk: Only by car

This trail starts near the E.R. 209 on the Paul da Serra plateau and ends near the Forest Police Station in Fanal. This trail connects to other paths, allowing access to the Ribeira da Janela parish through the trails PR 14 Levada dos Cedros e PR 15 Vereda da Ribeira da Janela.

ATTENTION: This area is also frequently crossed by fog. Danger of disorientation, do not leave the trail. The weather in this area can change very rapidly.


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