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Ribeira Brava

“To the west, one league from Campanário, lies Ribeira Brava … The stream (ribeira) is so furious when it is full that is sometimes takes many houses and causes a lot of damage, because it comes from great  mountains and high hills, and it is for this reason they came to call it Brava (wild).”

Gaspar Frutuoso, 16th cent

Ribeira Brava is one of the oldest settlements of the island of Madeira, whose importance is due to the local terrain, where a stream cuts through that once ran with wild waters (águas bravas), hence the reason for calling the area Ribeira Brava. The source of the stream is at an elevation of 327 m, the waterway then running a distance of 8 km alongside the road that leads to Encumeada, an excellent starting point for unforgettable walks. This area has played an important role in the communication between various points of the island, especially with the interior by means of its harbour.  The municipality was created in 1914, being made up of the parishes of Campanário, Ribeira Brava (municipal seat), Serra d’Água and Tabua.

Must-see places:
Promenade of Ribeira Brava
Madeira Ethnographic Museum. Belvedere at Cruz 
This belvedere is just a few metres from Ribeira Brava, on a turn-out to the left of the road from Campanário, and offers a view over Ponta do Sol and Ribeira Brava, and to the east, views from the mountains of Campanário to Fajã da Ovelha.

Festivals and Events:
Feast of Saint Peter in Ribeira Brava on June 28 and 29. 

Pináculo and Folhadal Path 
Starts next to the E.E. 110 at Lombo do Mouro, climbing to Paul da Serra, and ending at Encumeada. Covering a distance of about 14km, it passes through various tunnels, and therefore you will need to carry a torch with you. 

Church of São Bento
Fort of São Bento

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Câmara de Lobos

“… they sailed further down until they came to a narrow rock, …, which enters out into the sea, and, between this rock and the other, there is an arm of the sea at rest, where nature made a large den, in the style of a chamber of rock and stone; here the skiffs were put ashore, and they found so many sea wolves that they were amazed…so that they called this quiet bay Câmara de Lobos (Chamber of Wolves)…”

Gaspar Frutuoso, 16th cent

Câmara de Lobos owes its name to the people that discovered and populated this island.  When the sailors João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira, sent by Prince D. Henry, started to explore the coastline of the island, they found a small bay densely populated by monk seals (Port. Lobo marinho  = “sea wolf”).
Because of this, João Gonçalves Zarco named the place Câmara de Lobos (Chamber of Wolves). Câmara de Lobos, situated a small distance from the capital of the island, owes its fame to its fisherman that have as their principal specialty,  the black scabbard fish, and with their very typical, picturesque boats “os xavelhas”,  they paint the bay that opens to the sea. It is this unique picture that the former English prime-minister Winston Churchill could not resist painting, when he visited the island on January 8, 1950.  The municipality came into existence in 1835, being separated from the municipality of Funchal, presently combining the parishes of Câmara de Lobos (municipal seat), Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, Jardim da Serra, Curral das Freiras and Quinta Grande.

Must-see Places:
Centre of the city
Cabo Girão
Winston Churchill Belvedere
Eira do Serrado Belvedere

St Sebastian’s Church

Chestnut soup
Poncha and Nikita, typical local drinks
Black scabbard fish
The “gata” (kitefin shark), also known as “Câmara de Lobos codfish”.

Nature and Activities:
The walk from Corticeiras to Boca dos Namorados, returning back to Corticeiras is not to be missed.  You can enjoy various views, including an exceptional view of Curral das Freiras.

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Vereda of Penha d` Águia

The Vereda of Penha d` Águia is situated in Faial parish at Penha d` Águia site.

This place is known to have a huge rock where this vereda is performed in this rock which has an amazing view to Faial parish and to the river that exists in this parish.

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Recreation Area of Faial River

This space was created in 2011 at Faial parish in Foz da Ribeira do Faial with the propose to give a huge space destined to sporting practices.

The Recreation Area of Faial River has a big set of services such bar and a “Patinódromo”. This one is considered able to conduct national and international competitions in line skating.

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Holiday House Casa do Lagar – Accommodation in Madeira Island – São Jorge

Casa do Lagar is located in Farrobo which lies in the province of São Jorge, on the north coast of Madeira Island.
Situated in a peaceful and solitary area with a pleasant climate all year round, it has a panoramic view of the sea and mountains.

The propriety is incorporated into an organic wine plantation and it offers 2 comfortable and modern Holiday Houses.
Its swimming pool invites the guests to a pleasant swim and to enjoy the beautiful views over the vineyards and the sea.

The old guest house has been furnished in a contemporary style whilst paying particular attention in maintaining a calm and rural feel to the place.

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Great nativity scene of Mental Hospital “Casa de Saúde de S. João de Deus – Funchal”

This Mental Hospital is one of the 300 the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God runs all over the world. It was found in 1922 and received the first 40 patients in 1924. Today about 300 patients are cared by the Brothers of St. John of God, their co-workers,   and receive a lot of support from Volunteers, Benefactors and Friends. In Christmas time cribs were always made in all units of the hospital. In 1968 Brother Manuel Pimenta started the tradition of the Monumental Cribs of big dimension with dozens of biblical scenes in wide spaces. Thousands of visitors came every Christmas from all over the Island. Children and adults stop here and there amazed   staring at the many scenes inspired in biblical recits of Jesus Christ’s Birth 2000 years ago leaving their gifts to Child Jesus and to the patients.

This time a group of Co-workers, Patients and Benefactors decided to rehearsal   a still greater Christmas Crib for all the visitors to contemplate.

The Brothers of St. John of God,  Co-workers, Patients and  Houses’ Volunteer  welcome   you and all to visit  it; We wish you and your Family a very Blessing Christmas 2011 and a New Year 2012 full of God’s graces.

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Porto Moniz Tourist Office

9270 Porto Moniz
Phone: 291 853075
Open Monday from 11 a.m to 3 p.m
Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
Saturday from noon til 3 p.m.

Obs. The Official Tourism Information desks scheduels may be subject of alteration during summer.

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Casa da Fajã – Fabulous House

Casa da Fajã is a fantastic house located in Arco da Calheta, this accommodation is unique.  The view, the service, the atmosphere.

Located in a rural area, its surroundings are blessed with agriculture and fabulous weather all year round.

Casa da Fajã consists of four large rooms, two of them are junior suite that can comfortably accommodate a third or fourth person.

All rooms have private spacious bathrooms and large balconies, allowing fabulous view over the Atlantic ocean.

The kitchen will make everyone happy, large and fully equipped.

Last but not least our swimming pool water has a natural treatment called sal electosis.

You will be able to park your car inside the property, prepared to a maximum off five cars

Welcome to the Atlantic Tranquillity, Welcome to the Sun!

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Casa dos Dragoeiros – Holiday House in Porto Santo, Madeira

Charming Villa 100 meters from the beach with sea and mountain views!

No need to hire, centrally located near the Marina and Porto, 7 minutes walk from the center, supermarket, shops, pharmacy, health center, restaurants, bars.

Casa dos Dragoeiros has a maximum capacity of 8 people.

It has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, outside shower, fully equipped kitchen, porch, tasteful decoration, extensive pools and gardens, private parking.

Fabulous sea views, harbor and mountains. Romantic, beautiful sunset, 9 km of sandy beach with fine golden medicinal properties (treatments for rheumatism), skin (psoriasis).

Exclusive house ideal for beach holidays, home, Relaxed tours, cycling, golf, water sports, horse riding, tennis and golf (4 km).

A mild climate with an average temperature of sea water of 24 degrees in the summer and winter of the 17th C.

Welcome and happy holidays!

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Festa do Limão

In Ilha parish happen every year the Limon Party in May.

The Limon Party it`s a initiative of the Ilha Parish Council with the propose to disclose the production of this product. This party was created with the finality to help the farmers because there is lack of disposal of the product.   

This event has achieved lots of goals as the use of this product in the Madeira sweets (as in the cake) and make part in the medicine. 

The Ilha parish represents 25 per cent of the lemon production in Madeira Island where can produce about 90 tons per year.

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