PR13 Vereda do Fanal

This trail starts near the E.R. 209 on the Paul da Serra plateau and ends near the Forest Police Station in Fanal

PR12 Vereda da Encumeada

This levada walk begins at the Boca da Corrida belvedere and runs along elevations between 1340 and 940 metres, crossing part of the Central Mountainous Massif along the foot of the highest peaks of the island of Madeira

PR11 Vereda dos Balcões

This trail begins at regional highway E.R.103 at Ribeiro Frio and follows the levada of Serra do Faial, providing access to the Balcões belvedere

PR10 Levada do Furado

This trail begins at Ribeiro Frio in the municipality of Santana and follows the pathway accompanying the levada of Serra do Faial at an elevation of 860 metres up to the station where the waters divide

PR9 Levada do Caldeirão Verde

This levada walk begins at the Queimadas Forestry Park and winds along the walkway of the levada of Caldeirão Verde at 990 m elevation, in the municipality of Santana

PR8 Vereda da Ponta de São Lourenço

This levada walk follows S. Lourenço Point, the eastern-most peninsula of Madeira island, named after the caravel sailed by Jo&ão Gonçalves de Zarco, one of the three discoverers of Madeira island,

PR7 Levada do Moinho

This trail begins at the E.R.101 regional road, by the Ribeira da Cruz River, which separates the Porto Moniz Municipal area from the Calheta Municipal area

PR6 Levada das 25 Fontes

The trails diverge along two parallel levadas located on different levels.

PR5 Vereda das Funduras

This levada begins by the Portela viewpoint, from where we have a magnificent view over the Porto da Cruz and Faial parishes which is dominated by the rocky outcrop of Penha d'guia

PR1.3 Vereda da Encumeada

The beginning of the trail to Encumeada begins a few metres above the Pico Ruivo Shelter.
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