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The parish of Calheta is situated on the southwest coast of Madeira Island, with a population of 1700 (2001 Census), and with an administrative area of 14 Km2. The second largest parish according to population and area, is Calheta.

It belongs to the municipality bearing the same name. The establishment of this civil parish dates back to 1430.This civil parish includes seven browns, namely Lombo do Autoguia, Lombo do Doutor, Lombo do Brasil, Lombo das Laranjeiras, Lombo do Salão, Lombo da Estrela and Vila.

Amongst the historical and cultural heritage, one points out the vast and valuable heritage of a religious nature existent in this civil parish. Calheta is one of the civil parishes in Madeira with the largest number of chapels.

From Calheta it is easy to access the plateau of Paúl da Serra, from where you can access Rabaçal, a place where the forest remains in its primitive state, covering the mountains as and endless green mantle. From Rabaçal, you can go to one of the most beautiful and impressive hikes on Madeira Island.

This civil parish has a mild climate all year round. However, during winter, there is a high level of rainfall.

Its main economic activities include agriculture, trade and industry. Nevertheless, the transforming industry became very strong with the flourishing of sugar. There were times when there were eight sugar mills in Calheta, but nowadays, only one of them are on operation today.

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